What is the main reason behind the phenomenon of vaping? Why is it so trendy right now? Wherever you go it seems like vaping is more involved than a traditional smoking. But what is the secret? Why do so many people decide to quit smoking, switching to a vape so quickly? Is it cheaper, or healthier, or something else?

The Rise of Vaping

Is vaping the same as smoking? Well, yes and no. Vaping is about vaporizing flavoured liquid without inhaling smoke. This fact exactly makes the process of using e-cigarettes instead of regular ones a lot healthier process than traditional smoking. It is not only a new trendy product, but also a new healthier product.

There are multiple disputes whether vaping devices are completely safe for health or not. But there are no disputes over the question whether they are better than regular tobacco cigarettes or not. The answer is obvious. Vaping is definitely less harmful to your health and health of those who are nearby than any regular cigarette.

Let’s try to explain the popularity of vapes by three main facts they include:

  • Money;
  • Health;
  • And convenience.

When it comes to a budget issue, vapers are the winners. Having a vape replaces your need to buy several packages of cigarettes every week. Most vaping kits consist of three main pieces, which shouldn’t be replaced or changed every day: a battery, a liquid container, and a heating element. The only thing you might need to add to your vape regularly is specific liquid. This should be done after you have used up the liquid you had. Vaping provides a long-term result. This means that you don’t have to vape as much as smoke to get the effect of satisfaction.

The next reason, which explains the popularity of vape is the most prominent one. Vapes are considered to be a healthier alternative to the regular cigarettes. Although there are no long-term studies on the effect of those devices to a general health condition, current studies show that the harm of vaping is drastically lower than the harm of smoking. It concerns not only those who vape, but also those people who are around. Vaping is not so harmful to those who are nearby.

And the last but not the least is convenience. While smoking is allowed only in special places, vaping can be everywhere – in cafes, offices, on the buses, on the streets, and even in the airports. You don’t need to buy a new vape every time you run out of vaping liquid. You just have to buy a bottle of liquid to refill the device. And that is not only a comfortable but also a cost-effective reason.

One thing is clear. In comparison to smoking cigarettes, vaping is much better. And that is probably the main reason for its tremendous popularity rise.

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