Vapers are people who smoke electronic cigarettes. But nowadays the gadgets of the coolest vaping personalities are quite expensive, and more sophisticated than the usual ones. On the other hand, very rapidly, those who stopped smoking cigarettes and became vapers, all started joking about vaping as a kind of trendy subculture.

Guru or Not?

Now they are found everywhere: in offices and at techno parties, in tambours of electric trains and in sushi bars. Like ordinary cigarettes in the last century, vapes in the present become both a practical alternative to smoking, a symbol of progress, and a fashionable attribute. The word “vaping” turned out to be a gossip-related, in the tabloids they print photos of star vapers, and on the Internet there are a number of vaper communities who discusses – believe it or not – even  scientific publications on health issues, although many of them, to be honest, still don’t know what are “electronic systems for the delivery of nicotine.”

Hamster and Toad

Vapers are a bit snobbish. The look down on standard devices. “Something new is coming out every day: coils, refueling, drip-types, box modes and so on,” they say, “but in everything it’s important to know the measure”. Among vaping leaders there are concepts of “hamster” and “toad”. When a hamster inside rages, this means that the person wants to immediately buy the newest e-device. And when the toad suffocates, it envisages, on the contrary, that the smoker becomes too greedy to spend money.

For hamsters, one e-cigarette is not enough; more often their collection consists of 3-5 devices, which are different: for example, the atomizers are adapted for strong cigarette smoking, and drips are for light hookahs.

What About Zombie Apocalypse?

Vapers think about the future with the great optimism! Many vapers like to say that in a few years, the whole planet will be covered with vapour, and from space it will not be clear whether we have a zombie apocalypse, an industrial catastrophe or what here. Basically, the anti-smoking campaigns are so popular and widespread today, and the concern about health issues grows so fast, that more and more people quit smoking tobacco and switch to vapes.

So believe or not, vaping has already grown out of the niche hobby for geeks and began to spread around the world. Last year, Internet activist Aaron David Ross (also known as a musician Gatekeeper) held an entire art symposium devoted to vaping. The program included a lecture on the history of electronic cigarettes, a consultation with a doctor, and an art critic’s lecture on how the aesthetics of the vape-shops resembles the style of the Apple Store. Crazy world? Maybe. But so interesting!

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