The vaping industry is very dynamic. If yesterday you were on the wave just because you had a very cool and multifunctional device, today all the girls of your company look at another guy who outdid you not by just vaping, but making cool tricks with the vapour.

Here are some tricks for user of electronic vaping gadgets.


Technical progress began with the wheel, and vaping tricks also begin with something round and simple. Making ringlets is the very first thing you need to learn, if you stepped on the path of making cool tricks. This simplest element is incredibly important. It will allow you to master the necessary level of control over your lips and throat to move on to more complex tricks.

Follow the instruction:

  • To make the first ring, you need to learn how to let the steam inside your lungs. If you have never done this, it can cause you some difficulties.
  • The second stage will be devoted to releasing the first ringlet from your mouth. In the beginning you need to make a deep puff. Turning your head aside you release one-third of the steam. If you try to do this with full lungs, the first rings will be barely noticeable due to the cloud of the vapor.
  • Then you begin to make a funny face. You will need to fold your lips so that they represent a correct O letter. Lips at this point should be strained. The main thing is that this exhalation should be sharp and abrupt. Do not make this exhalation with cheeks. The air should be exhaled directly from the lungs.

Do not forget that the tongue should be pressed to the lower jaw as much as possible, the lips are rounded and tightly pressed to the teeth.

And one more thing: do not imagine that you are the guru of the trick, if you have only saw the first seconds of training videos, and then did it. It’s only luck. All the rest needs a lot of practice.

A Jellyfish

This is a more complicated technique, since it suggests greater visual effect.

There are some recommended steps on how to learn this trick:

  • The very first thing you have to master is to push your ring forward with the palm of your hand. You release a regular ring, and then push it forward with your palm, without touching it, but creating a stream of air.
  • At the same moment, when you stop pushing the ring, move your face about 20 centimeters from this ring, which will already increase in size by this time, and release a new one into the middle of the previous ring.

If you did everything right, then you will see the unique effects that will make your day. The ring, which will be released inward, will be stretched radially. This is what is called a jellyfish.

There are also many other tricks and you may search respective Youtube lessons online.

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  1. I know how to make rings even on traditional cigarettes, although this is a little more complicated. Now, who knows how to lazy rings, even schoolchildren

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