Is vaping really healthier than smoking a regular cigarette? Why are so many people going crazy about vaping today? Is it just one of those top trends about living healthier, or a real alternative to a harmful smoking habit? Are those e-cigarettes really good for you?

Let’s try to figure it out.

Vaping Is Everywhere

If you don’t know, vaping is not only a trendy thing for those who try to quit smoking but also a several billion industry, which is already a huge competitor to a regular cigarette market. But what is the reason for this? What is behind this phenomenon of vaping instead of smoking?

Smoking vs Vaping

Vaping is not smoking. It is a healthier alternative to smoking cigarettes. Why? Let’s try to understand what is happening during these two processes and what is the main difference.

When smoking, the heat from the fire causes substances to change from their solid state to smoke. What releases in the regular cigarettes is nicotine and tars, which are absorbed into the bloodstream. When vaping, on the other hand, you use a glass or metal chamber with a battery, which can heat to a controlled temperature, creating a vapor, allowing you to inhale not smoke with tars and products of burning, but simple vapour. Though scientists are still studying the effects of vaping, it is already a well-known fact that in some terms, vaping is definitely better than smoking from one to several cigarettes daily.

The main goal of vaping is to make a process of quitting smoking easier, smoother, and faster. In what case does a solid smoker tend to break a smoking habit forever – when he/she tries to do it in one day only or when he/she has a transit period with a vape? The answer is obvious.

Vaping allows smokers who are not ready to quit this extremely dangerous habit to decrease those risks and harm it brings. Yes, less harmful doesn’t mean safe. But less harmful means healthier. Vaping also suggests nicotine intake with flavours and different chemicals. But most regulations are quite strict to what e-cigarettes contain. It creates vapor, but not smoke.

Vapes use a significantly lower level of chemicals which influence heart diseases and health condition in general. And they are not affecting the people nearby in the way the regular cigarettes do. That’s why they are not banned in most public places.

So, for whom exactly e-cigarettes are recommended?

  • Those who are looking for a healthier alternative to their old smoking habit;
  • And those who want to quit smoking without failing it. As we all know, nicotine, as well coffee, for example, is a substance which is very easy to get hooked on. So, trying to quit smoking without a transitional period in the form of a vape is quite a difficult goal to achieve.

What you have to understand is that smoking and vaping are very different. While smoking burns tobacco to release a huge dose of nicotine and other toxic elements very quickly, vaping is heating up liquid to create a vapor which is inhaled instead of smoke. E-cigarettes are definitely a big change in the world, which can eradicate smoking completely. Still, the final decision is up to you only.

2 thoughts on “Vaping: a Hot Trend or a Smoking Alternative?

  1. I long to quit smoking, but without success. Recently, a friend advised me to switch to vape, where you can gradually reduce the dose of nicotine. Now I no longer use nicotine for about three months

  2. How familiar it is. I also stopped smoking with a vape. Now even electron cigarettes I rarely smoke

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